Confidence is a group of industries specializing in innovative mid tech engineering products in the country.

As a leader in our field Confidence has always looked forward to innovative engineering challenges. Venturing into business dynamics that redefines who we are constantly.

We have grown over the past decade exponentially expanding into interests as diverse as Steel Fabrication, Cement, Power Generation, Power Infrastructure, Power Storage and Telecommunications.

Leading the efforts of rebuilding the country after its liberation. We are ever vigilant about its import dependency created by the void of quality products and services in the newborn economy. We took up the challenge of creating import substitutes. We are passionate and determined to make this country’s dreams a reality. We need people who want to be part of that journey.

Our team is highly motivated and positively competitive. We are made up of people varied with vibrant management skills, creative, technology savvy individuals who stop at nothing to get the job done.

A diverse demography who have equal opportunity to learn, succeed and advance in the workplace.

As perfectionist and optimist at heart we are many minds with one heart. Let’s Believe. And we want you to believe in our future as well. We want you to be part of our determination to redefine what is possible.

Persevere for excellence; demonstrate leadership and high morality for the country and its people.

Let’s Believe in infinite opportunities in coming years.

We welcome your interest in developing your career with us Contact Us.