GASTON is the energy and storage power generation unit of Confidence Electric Limited (CEL), comprised of world class and state of the art manufacturing facilities. Our distribution network is fully equipped to export around the globe. We manufacture flooded VLA and Maintenance Free VRLA Gel Batteries in the following categories- Passenger Car Battery, Commercial Vehicle Battery, Appliance Battery, Electric Tricycle Battery, Electric Rickshaw Battery, Solar Battery, Telecommunication Battery, IPS and Home UPS control unit.

At Gaston, we believe that Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Total quality Management (TQM) is key to be successful in solid energy. We are committed to maintain globally certified standards and are always looking in providing the best in quality, service and values to ensure maximum customer potential. Values remain center to Gaston’s activities.

So let’s believe in solid source of energy.

Gaston-Solid Energy

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