A Catalyst for Change


AXIS is an end to end construction solution provider and a concern of Confidence Group, one of the most reputable conglomerates in Bangladesh involved in manufacturing innovative mid-tech engineering products. It is an amalgamation of the expertise and products of Confidence Steel Limited, Confidence Concrete and Engineering Limited and Confidence Electric Limited. It is a venture whose sole purpose is to provide a complete electro mechanical solution that saves time and money not just now but for the future as well.


The Three Entities of AXIS

Confidence Steel Limited

This strategic business unit of Confidence Group started in 2002, making telecommunication towers and steel bridges in the country and abroad. Structures manufactured by CSL are supplied to large government contracts and the biggest telcos in the country. These projects require extreme precision in steel fabrication as well as consistency in quality. Currently CSL is the largest provider of lattice tower structures for private telcos and government utility boards. Given its current capacity, Confidence Steel Limited is the largest steel fabricator in the country. With CSL providing the steel structures required for your pre-engineered building, you can rest assured that quality and precision will be of utmost importance.

Confidence Concrete and Engineering Limited

Confidence Concrete and Engineering Limited is in charge of producing high-tech SPC Poles and Precast Piles that lay the solid foundations for your industrial buildings. This unit of Confidence Group, also established in 2002 is one of a kind in Bangladesh, giving you the edge in strength and speed of construction over your competitors.

Confidence Electric Limited

With extensive experience in transformers and other electrical equipment, CEL is currently serving all major utility boards including REB, DPDC, DESCO, etc. This has enabled our in-house resources to develop safe and cost-effective solutions for industrial complexes and buildings. Thus your industrial facility is in the right hands when it comes to electro mechanical solution.

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