Confidence Batteries Ltd.

Enlightening Hope, Eliminating Darkness


Transforming the state of a country’s transportation sector is not an easy task. But Confidence Group took the challenge with Confidence Batteries Ltd and stepped into one of the most crucial sectors in need for further development. With great success, Confidence Batteries Ltd. brought Bangladeshi products of global standards to the hands of those who lead the nation to efficiency, the grassroot people, in what was previously a market dominated by Chinese products.

Currently employing about 650 workers and standing at 275,000 sqft of land, Confidence Batteries Ltd began its journey in 2011.

Confidence Batteries Ltd currently has in its batteries production line 14 models for passenger cars, 5 for commercial vehicles, 5 for N series generators, 6 for storage power, 7 for renewable energy, 4 for three-wheelers and 6 for electric vehicles. Moreover, products of Confidence Batteries Ltd. have crossed the national borders with unsurpassed standard of export quality. Dimitris batteries of Confidence Batteries are exported to foreign countries and have garnered great appreciation.

Product Categories

All our batteries are supplied in factory charged condition which allows them to be ready for commissioning.

Our product has robust Grid Design & improved Paste Chemistry. It ensures better life and consistent performance in application. Also, active cranking power starts the engine every time. High reliability and better service life ensure customer satisfaction. Quick charge acceptance even from deep discharge levels. Excellent spill-resistant characteristics.

Electric Vehicle

Our electric vehicles have a robust grid design with improved paste chemistry, allowing our vehicles to have a better life and consistent performance in application. To prevent corrosion in positive plate, our vehicles have optimized alloy system which lowers the degradation rate. The side vented lid of the vehicle provides excellent spill-proof characteristics. Moreover, the bottom anchoring of element ensures reliability in application. The batteries can accept quick charge, even from deep discharge levels which allows them to be ready for action in shorter duration. Such comparatively high specifications and capacity also include magic eye for determination of electrolyte level and state of charge.


Our IPS’s have thick tubular plates which allow higher life cycle. High pressure venting system leads to high oxygen recombination efficiency. Damage from deep discharge is significantly low as the IPS has high tolerance feature. Moreover, robust grid design and improved paste chemistry ensure better life and consistent performance in application.


We have Solar Panels with superior performance, high reliability and guaranteed service life. When it comes to seamless performance, our panels never compromise with quality. All the solar panels are specially designed for arduous SPV application - available in 12V, 2V. Such high specific capacity ensures our Solar Panels’ superior cycle life.

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