Towards Sustainable Progress

Turning visions into reality brick by brick.

Growth of a nation is propelled by the momentum of its industry and economy. Confidence Group, with its many industrial facets, continues to contribute to the growth & progress of Bangladesh.

Confidence Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh, involved in the manufacturing of mid-tech engineering products. They commenced their journey in 1991 when four friends (Engr. Rezaul Karim, Engr. Kazi Shahidul Islam, Engr. Khurshid Anwar and Mr. Rupam Kishore Barua), successful in their respective business careers, got together to establish the first private sector cement industry in Bangladesh. Since then, Confidence Group has gradually branched out to infrastructure development and relevant manufacturing, storage power, telecommunication, power generation and paint production.

And the legacy continues to grow, one block at a time, helping Confidence Group maintain its status as one of the largest and preeminent conglomerates in Bangladesh.